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Thursday, 13 April 2017

A Wedding Card


    My brother got married this Easter and I wanted to make a handmade card for him and his new wife.  When I had visited the Hobbycrafts show at the NEC in November I had come across this lovely stencil from Imagination Crafts.

        I got a piece of linen and then drew out the stencil pattern on to the material.  You will notice I used a biro - I tried with pencil but it wasn't very clear.  


       I then began to embroider the branches with brown thread.   You can see from the photos below how I gradually built up the embroidery using the stencil outlines.

Following filling in the main picture, I added some seed beads to the flowers which lifted it a little bit.  

After that, I then used a simple running stitch to create a border.

Finally, I carefully removed threads to create a frayed edge and taped it to the card with some strong double sided tape. I have tried to use glue in the past and found it just creates awful looking lumps. 
So there we go... Ta Dah!

Really pleased with the final piece...Did keep looking at the space in the bottom though wondering whether I should have added some text.  Maybe another time...

Bye for now

Von xxx

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