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Saturday, 23 July 2016

Bobbilicious Ta Dah!


I posted last time that I was almost done and now I am!  I had a new order of wool arrive and I was off...

So, here are my finished photos.

For the edging I opted for a bobble using Stylecraft Special Aran with wool in Charcoal.  I followed the pattern for the edging from Heidi Bears blog.  This was very straight forward and no problem to follow.  The final blanket measures 100cm x 158cm

I have put this for sale on our Etsy shop now.

Bye for Now

Von xxx

Sunday, 17 July 2016

Cornflower Blanket Ta Dah!


You may remember I had been creating a crochet blanket using the lovely Fairy Isle Cygnet wool.  It was a smashing wool to use and has a lovely soft feel to it.

I have completed the main body of the blanket and I have been busy working on the edging.  I began with a single crochet round and have continued with a further two rounds of single crochet.

Then I followed on with a two rounds of treble crochet and finished with a scalloped edge.  This is the finished result which I am very happy with.

The finished blanket looks gorgeous and is very soft to touch.  The finished blanket size measures 88cm x 103cm, 34.5in x 40.5in

It is up for sale on my Etsy shop now so take a look.

Bye For Now

Von xxx