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Sunday, 24 April 2016

Little Flowers


I love having a flick through the pins on pinterest and I came across this pin to make these little cute crochet flowers.

Well, I visited Todolwen's blog which is brilliant!  She uses all sorts of materials to create wonderful creations and I must say I am loving this blog at the moment.  Anyway I have had a go at following the tutorial she posted to make the "Little Crochet Flowers" which I have found quite addictive!

As I was making these my mind was running away with all the possibilities of using these.  I bought some DMC Petra Crochet thread in three more colours.

I have used these to make more of these little flowers in other colours, as you can see...

 My Mum is a hugely into her card making and I sometimes dabble with this too and I thought "ooh, embellishments for cards!"  I have added some packs of these on to our Etsy shop.

Bye for now

Von xx

Sunday, 17 April 2016



Oh, I have been very busy on this project trying to get it finished.  This is just a simple bobble blanket this time and I must say I do find it very calming bobbling away in front of the TV in the evenings.

It is a very simple pattern, of my own making, using the bobble stitch and treble crochet(UK) stitches.  I am using Cygnet Aran yarn on this project and I have found it lovely to work with.  It is a beautiful 'denim' blue colour.  

The pattern is very simple.  I began with a chain of  165, then 2 trebles and a bobble stitch repeated across.  In the next row I trebled each stitch across and just  kept repeating this until I achieved the length of blanket I wanted.  

Then it's 'bobbilicious' all the way!

I am really making good progress with this is and it is continuing to grow, as you can see.  Need to start thinking about the edging next.

Bye for now
Von  xxx

Saturday, 9 April 2016

Storage Solutions!


Now, I am a real hoarder and I save all sorts of bits and pieces saying 'you never know when I might use it!'  Well, I came to the conclusion I must do something about all the chocolate and sweet tins I had saved over the last few Christmas celebrations.  These are great for storing all my odds and ends in but I decided I wanted to make them look a bit more attractive.

I bought some primer spray from my local Wilkinsons store and a metallic finishing spray.

I covered the box with the primer initially.  This was an outdoor job so I was dodging showers!  I gradually built up the primer layers and then added the metallic spray on top.

The finished results were pretty good.  I created some simple labels and attached these as a finishing touch.

I can go and sort all my stash now!  Bye for now.

Von xx